Gravity roller conveyors

Live storage systems are already proven in the storage of pallets according to the FIFO and LIFO principle. Transport distances are shortened, time is saved and the space is used optimally. Live storage and pushback systems serve not only as a storage location, but are increasingly being used in the commissioning and provision of goods - especially the lower levels or the specially equipped bottom tracks.


Pushback Trolley System

The pushback trolley system is an economical and technical alternative to the gravity roller conveyor, especially for cross pallet storage according to the LIFO principle. Particularly interesting is the retrofitting of existing drive-in racking systems, because it eliminates time consuming driving into the single channels. At each level, a different product can be stored easily and safely. Also suitable for use in deep-freeze warehouses.


Carton flow frames

Wherever a fast and smooth access to trading units of various types is required, such as different cartons and plastic containers, flow-frames are used. They can always be adapted to existing pallet racks.